Car Paint Dealers In Dubai: How To Increase Sales In Car Paint Supply Store

If you're reading this, you're probably one of the Car paint dealers in Dubai. We tend to plan, set goals, and allocate budgets at the start of each year. I feel the same way. The expected sales growth is likely to be one of the key figures in this planning. Whether you set a target in terms of percentage growth or sales revenue figures, it must be accompanied by a well-thought-out strategy for getting there. I'd like to share a few tried-and-true methods for meeting your business goals in 2022.

Ways To Increase Sales As a Car Paint Shops In Dubai

  •  Spend at least two hours per week calling, emailing, or visiting potential customers

We are sure you work long hours, but your business will stagnate unless you take organized, purposeful steps to acquire new customers. Setting aside time each week for lead generation related to Glasurit Paint suppliers and Novol Paint Suppliers in UAE is critical. Even if your business is booming, don't get too comfortable because customer loyalty is not guaranteed or everlasting.

  • Similarly, discovering new markets for your products will undoubtedly broaden your business's horizons

Differentiate your customer base by focusing on detailers, yacht and boat manufacturers and repairers, furniture manufacturers, and aerography artists. Take the time to learn about their needs and the products they use before developing a compelling offer based on the product portfolio you already trade. You'd be surprised how many industries use the materials you already have on hand in your Car Paint Shops in Dubai.

  • Consider "digital word of mouth"

Let us explain. We've all heard how important word of mouth is as a free and effective way to promote any type of business. A satisfied customer will tell three or four other people about your excellent service and products (while an unhappy one would talk to 10 people minimum). In this day and age, with social networks and various messengers, relying solely on verbal referrals would be a huge mistake. If you have satisfied customers (and you should), for example, a painter or body shop owner, ask him to post on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. Share or retweet it several times.

  • Employ a salesperson

Many smaller car paint suppliers in Dubai or Automotive paint suppliers in Dubai do not have a salesperson. You could say the owner is a salesman. Yes, he is, but he also works as an accountant, purchasing manager, colourist, and delivery person. Hiring a skilled salesperson is an investment, not an expense. Your first employee should be a salesperson in your Paint Store

  • Create a blog

Have you ever heard of inbound marketing? Inbound marketing strategies include strategies for connecting with existing and potential customers by providing them with information that is relevant to them. Starting a blog will not only improve your website's ranking (assuming you have one) for search engines, but it will also attract potential customers who are hungry for compelling content on the web. Creating high-quality content is complex, and you must work hard to improve your writing abilities, but the payoff will far exceed your expectations. Begin as an industry content curator for the time being.

Begin as an industry content curator for the time being. In other words, if you come across an interesting piece of information about the car refinishing industry, new products, or events, share it with your readers (invite your existing customers to follow your blog for a start). By starting a blog, you will establish yourself as an expert in your field. And guess who people prefer to buy products from, particularly in B2B markets such as ours.

  • Create an incentive and loyalty program for your customers

It is a mistake to believe that loyalty programs are only beneficial to airlines or supermarkets chilly, I witnessed several successful examples being applied to our industry. One simple method is to agree with the specific customer on a turnover target (could be annual, quarterly, etc.) that, if met, will result in a bonus in cash, discounts, or free products. Another excellent example is to provide top-performing customers with a free trip to a vacation destination or an important industry event.

  • Promote your business on Facebook

The goal of all forms of advertising is to increase sales for the company. However, not all forms of advertising are created equal. The effectiveness of an advertising campaign is determined by how precisely the message is delivered to the intended audience. In terms of precision, Facebook Ads has no competitors. So, for example, if you are a factor or jobber in a specific area of, say, Abu Dhabi, Facebook can provide you with advertising solutions for audiences in your area, age group, interaction with your page, and even behaviours and interests. I've seen numerous examples of paint supply stores using Facebook to find customers for their products. It is effective For customers to find the best Car Paint dealers in UAE!


By no means do we claim that the above list is exclusive. There are numerous ways to increase sales of Car Paint Shops in Dubai. Our primary goal in writing this article was to draw your attention to the fact that to thrive, the Automotive Paint Suppliers in Dubai must be open to new, possibly unconventional moves. As said by Richard Branson- “Listen, Choose the best. Leave the rest alone."


Car Paint Dealers In Dubai: How To Increase Sales In Car Paint Supply Store


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