Car Paint Suppliers In Sharjah: An Insight To The Types Of Car Paints

How often do you consider your car's paint? This thing is in charge of adding "bling" to your car and should be enough to emphasize why car paints are essential.

Everyone wants a gleaming new car but is unsure of what factors to consider when it comes to automotive paint.

Unlike other paints, automotive paint is meant to remain on the body of the car for its entire lifespan...or nearly so. Automotive paint is a distinct type of paint that is created as a compound mixture of various products, each of which serves a specific purpose.

This guide is specially tailored by the top car paint suppliers in Sharjah to help you know about the composition and everything about car paints.


Car paint is designed to last a lifetime on the vehicle's body. While primarily regarded as a cosmetic feature, the primary function of automotive paints and coatings is to protect the car's body from rust, sunlight, dust, and rain. High-quality car paints can help to extend the life of the vehicle's body by preventing corrosion of the material beneath.

Composition Of Car Paints

Automotive paints are composed of three basic ingredients:

  • Pigment: The substance that gives colour to paint.
  • Thinner: Maintains the paint's consistency.
  • Binder: A material that holds the pigment and thinner together.

There are also chemical compositions of car paints. The chemical compositions of car paints are as follows:

  • Urethane

  • One of the long-lasting paint options is urethane car paint. Furthermore, urethane paints do not fade after 10 years, but they are more expensive than other paints with different chemical compositions.

  • Acrylic Enamel

  • Because it forms a hard shell on the car's body, acrylic enamel car paint lasts a long time. They are difficult to apply and necessitate the services of an experienced and professional car painter.

  • Acrylic Lacquer

  • Auto manufacturers have used acrylic lacquer car paints in earlier vehicle models. Despite providing a high gloss to a car's body, acrylic lacquer paint does not last long and fades when exposed to ultraviolet rays.

  • Acrylic Urethane

  • It is one of the newest car paint options. Water-based polyurethane enamel paints are the most commonly used car paints because they are environmentally friendly.

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    Different Types Of Car Paints

    Automobile manufacturers use various types of car paints to give their vehicles a finished appearance. The following are the different types of base coat paints, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages:

  • Solid paints

  • The majority of vehicles have a solid base coat. Solid paints are available in a variety of car paint colours, including white, red, blue, and black. These are followed by a lacquer clear coat (solvent-borne paints) to add an extra layer of protection to the vehicle. You can check out the paints at PPC Refinish as we sell the best car paints in Sharjah. 

  • Matte paints

  • This type of automotive paint is found in high-end vehicles. They enhance the sleek and high-end appearance of any vehicle. They are typically only available in black and grey. You can look have a look at the collection of paint suppliers in Sharjah to check the quality of matte paints. 

  • Specialty paints

  • Various auto manufacturers use various techniques and mixtures to give the car a more finished appearance. BMW E-Ink colour-changing technology, which changes colours at the touch of a button, is also available in specialty paints. To switch from one colour to another, colour-changing technology employs white and black pigments as well as electrodes. Additionally, you can contact the paint chemicals supplier in Sharjah for assistance.


    All of the different types of car paint were explained, as well as the stages in which they are applied. Car paint damage can be caused by a variety of factors. When purchasing a used car in the UAE, you are strongly advised to visit a car service centre for any paint upgrade or repair.


    Car Paint Suppliers In Sharjah: An Insight To The Types Of Car Paints

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