Car Paint Suppliers In UAE: The Ultimate Guide To Car Paints And Coatings

When was the last time you considered your car's paint? The fact that this thing is in charge of adding "bling" to your vehicle should be enough to emphasize why automotive paints are essential.

Everyone wants a gleaming new car but is unsure of what factors to consider when it comes to paint and coatings.

Unlike other types of paint, automotive paint is intended to remain on the car's body for the duration of its life...or nearly so. According to the top car paint supplier PPC Refinish UAE, automotive paint is a unique type of paint that is made of a compound mixture of various products, each serving a specific purpose.


How Is Automated Paint Made?

Automotive paint consists primarily of three components:

  • Pigment: Adds color to paint.
  • Thinner: Adjusts the consistency of the paint.
  • Binder: It is a substance that holds pigment and is thinner together.

Furthermore, terms such as water-borne paint and solvent paint may be used, which may cause confusion when selecting the best automotive paint for your vehicle. In this blog, we will look at how automotive paint can be divided into different categories and which one would best suit your needs.


The Car Painting Process

  • Primer
  • Have you ever wondered what the base coat paint on a car is? The solution is right here!

    The primer stage of the automotive painting process is the first step. The primer serves several functions, including leveling the body's surface and overcoming any manufacturing flaws. The primer also protects the body from rust, heat differences, stone chips, UV light, and other environmental factors.

  • Base Coat
  • Following the primer coat, this is the second stage of the painting process. This is the stage at which visual properties and color effects emerge. In most cases, the base coat consists of one of three colors: solid, metallic, or pearlescent. The quality of the paint distinguishes these three categories. Solid paints contain no sparkles and are made up of solid colors. Metallic paint contains all of the glitter and shine found in modern automobiles.

  • Clear coat
  • Clear-coat is the final step in the painting process in which a transparent coating is applied to the base coat that will come into direct contact with the environment. It must be abrasion resistant and chemically stable enough to withstand UV light. This coat can be solvent or water-based.

    The painting process is completed once all of these processes have been completed. All of these processes are used in every case, but the results may differ depending on the type of paint you use on your car!

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    The Types Of Paint Finishes

  • Metallic Paints
  • Metallic paint, in its most basic form, is the application of color followed by an additional layer of lacquer (also known as the clear coat). Furthermore, powdered metal is mixed into the paint layer to give it a much more appealing shine than standard solid paints. Due to the higher reflectivity of metal particles than solid colors, solid paints produce more paint than metal particles.

  • Pearlescent Paints
  • Pearlescent paints are made up of basic components found in metallic paint, but the metal powder has been replaced with ceramic crystals known as mica. Paints like Glasurit have the unique property of reflecting and refracting light. In addition to the refraction, the paint also shines, giving it a deep color. Depending on the angle from which you view it, the color shifts. When viewed in direct sunlight, pearlescent paint has a distinct advantage over metallic paint.


    Final Thoughts

    Automotive paint can improve the appearance of your vehicle while also making it appear outdated. Even a small scratch can damage the paint of your car. You should protect the paint on your vehicle if you want it to look like new.  


    Car Paint Suppliers In UAE: The Ultimate Guide To Car Paints And Coatings

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