Is It Profitable To Start Earning As Car Paint Suppliers In Fujairah

Every third resident of the country owns a car in terms of industrial development. Owning a car is no longer considered a luxury item, but the benefits are numerous. Car paint suppliers in Fujairah are in high demand among the general public in this regard. Vehicle sales are increasing year after year, according to official statistics. As a result, car painting is an industry that will continue to grow and provide a steady influx of customers for many years.


Top Things To Consider


What to know before you begin?


Before starting a business as a paint supplier in Fujairah, there are a few things to consider:


  • The painting process is labour intensive.
  • The requirement to use high-quality, and thus expensive, materials.


Despite the fact that expensive paints will be required, the project will pay for itself quickly with a steady flow of customers.


What do you need to open?


A minimum of 30 m2 is required to start a car painting business. A garage is ideal for these purposes, which you can buy or rent for an extended period.


The installation of a hood, or proper ventilation, is critical. This is a necessary requirement in this type of business.


Another factor to consider when starting a business as a paint chemicals supplier in Fujairah is adequate lighting. Without high-quality fluorescent lamps, you will simply miss a bald spot and leave some areas unpainted, affecting the overall result and causing customer dissatisfaction.


It is critical to install an air duct and a heat gun with heating elements in the upper part of the room. The floor must be raised by 10-15 cm. It will be impossible to install a fan without this, which will be tasked with sucking air from the chamber. Infrared lamps can also be purchased to speed up the drying process significantly.


How do attract customers?


This is a question that worries any businessman, especially a new one. Friends and acquaintances are typically the first clients, after which they will make recommendations within their social circle. However, word of mouth alone will not suffice when starting a business.


Standard options include printing and distributing business cards with a phone number and workshop address, but this technology is no longer as active as it was at least ten years ago. Contextual advertising on the network or an agreement with garage employees and owners is required. The second option is more convenient because it allows you to find a ready-made client. Of course, such recommendations will cost you money.


For example, 20% of the cost of the service is provided, but in the early stages, it is necessary to develop a client base for oneself, so such costs will suffice.




Of course, it is important to remember that the quality of the work performed will become the primary business card. With a steady flow of customers, it will be possible to quickly recoup the initial investment and begin receiving a consistent profit, a portion of which should be invested in the expansion and provision of new services. The important thing that we at PPC Refinish consider is that large corporations grow from "small garages" through active development and high-quality service provision.


Is It Profitable To Start Earning As Car Paint Suppliers In Fujairah

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