Glasurit 183-90 1K-Express-Grundfüller PPC

Glasurit 183-90 1K-Express-Grundfüller

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Technical Information

Glasurit 183-90 1K Express-Grundfüller

All you have to do is spray it, give it a short drying time, and the job is done - the gray 1K Express Primer filler in the spray can is the ideal base for spot repair. It can be used as a primer or as a primer filler and adheres to all metal substrates and old paints that have healed well. Each can have a second spray nozzle in the lid, specially designed for high-precision spot application. So all it takes is a hand press to prepare a 183-90 1K Express Primer Filler for use in the Spot-Repair system, Glasurit's solution for repairing cosmetic damage.


  • Very good corrosion protection on steel, galvanized steel, and aluminum
  • Fast drying
  • Good finish quality

       EfficiencyMade in Germany