Glasurit 285-505 HS Grundfüller Grau G2 PPC

Glasurit 285-505 HS Grundfüller Grau G2

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Glasurit 285-505 HS Grundfüller Grau G2 

Wherever quality and performance are required, Glasurit 285-505 HS gray primer is the standard undercoat in the workshop. This sanding putty combines good abrasion and a perfect finish with a short drying time of just 20 minutes at 60 ° C. In addition, body shops can cut drying times by another 10 minutes with Glasurit 523-15 Racing Additive! It is almost impossible to get the perfect foundation for a perfect finish. However, there are ways to make this process even more efficient. When we decided to modernize our grinding fillers, our top priority was to increase the efficiency of the process. This means that the new Glasurit HS Undercoats dry even faster than ever, saving you up to 10 minutes of drying time at 60 ° C in the workshop - & at the same time this lowers your energy cost! The new sanding pad package includes Glasurit Gray 285-505 HS Primer, Black 285-555, and White 285-655. Like their predecessors, they perform best as a package. They still offer tried and tested performance - for example, the grayscale concept that helps you save up to 40 percent of the base coat or low material consumption as only two spray coats are needed. When it will come to quality, there is nothing has been changed. The first-class finish quality of our HS underlays provides the best basis for long-lasting, flawless renovation results and therefore the ideal basis for your success!


  • High solids content
  • Fast drying
  • Good corrosion protection
  • Good weathering resistance
  • Good finish

       EfficiencyMade in Germany