Glasurit 352-91 Reducer Normal G2 PPC

Glasurit 352-91 Reducer Normal G2

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Technical Information

Glasurit 352-91 Reducer Normal G2

Highly effective product for your product

The reducer is a perfect fit for the product line. They are versatile and are used in top coats, clear coats, and base coat materials, allowing for precise product adaptation to the respective application with your exceptionally long setting.


  • To ensure that the primer is not solvent sensitive, run a solvent sensitivity test over the e-coat with Glasurit 352-91. If the factory primer swells, becomes sticky, or softens, it must be removed. For more information, consult the Glasurit Technical Manual. If the primer does not soften, proceed to step 2.
  • Thoroughly clean part with Glasurit 360-4 Metal Cleaner.
  • Assemble the sealer as follows:
    • 100 volume components 285-38 and 285-49 Glasurit
    • 50 volume sections 929-51 or 929-53 Glasurit
    • 30 volume sections 352-91 or 352-216 Glasurit
  • Apply 1-2 coats of sealer within 15 minutes of cleaning, with a 5-minute flash between coats.
  • For 30 minutes, turn off the flash.
  • Apply Glasurit 55-Line Basecoat mixed according to the Glasurit Technical Manual.
  • Flash until matte is achieved.
  • Use Glasurit Clearcoat 923.
  • Finish by air drying or baking according to the manufacturer's instructions.

  • Benefits

    • Reducer blend-in for 923- clears and 22 Line/22 Line VOC topcoats.
    • In blend-in repairs, use a blend-in reducer to melt in overspray/overlap areas or in clear coat/topcoat fade-out areas.

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