Glasurit 923-155 Clear Lacquer G2 PPC

Glasurit 923-155 Clear Lacquer G2

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Technical Information

Glasurit 923-155 Clear Lacquer G2

Solid quality - many applications.
For reliable OEM finish quality results, 923-155 MS Clear is the perfect product. It is a multi-purpose clearcoat suitable for all types of repairs, from small repairs to full varnishing. 923-155 MS Clear is mainly characterized by quick drying and good polishability. It is a proven product that can be adapted to the respective repair task with the appropriate Glasurit hardener and thinner for water-based or solvent-based basecoats. Then simply apply two coats of spray and dry for 30 minutes at 60°C for a premium finish. 923-155 MS Clear can be used on all the Glasurit basecoats.


  • Fairly high solids content (medium solid)
  • Outstanding resistance to weathering and yellowing
  • Excellent hardness
  • Fast drying and tape resistance.

       EfficiencyMade in Germany