Glasurit 923-255 HS Multi Clear G2 PPC

Glasurit 923-255 HS Multi Clear G2

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Technical Information

Glasurit 923-255 HS Multi Clear G2 

Jack of all trades
Glasurit 923-255 HS Multi Clear is a premium multi-purpose clearcoat suitable for both minor repairs and full refinishing. The solid product impresses with its convincing application characteristics and high-quality coating, which is distinguished by its deep gloss and brilliance. Two spray coats are enough to obtain impressive results of the highest quality. Only one spray coat is required on vertical surfaces. At 60°C 923-255 HS Multi Clear cures in just 30 minutes and can be applied over all Glasurit basecoats. Glasurit hardeners and thinners are available to suit a variety of application conditions.


  • High solids content
  • Safe to spray
  • Excellent flow and good leveling
  • outstanding appearance for high-quality automotive finishes.
  • The product stands out for fast drying,
  • excellent surface hardness,
  • polishing behavior and tape resistance.

       EfficiencyMade in Germany