Glasurit 929-55 HS Filler Hardener PPC

Glasurit 929-55 HS Filler Hardener

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Technical Information

Glasurit 929-55 HS Filler Hardener 

The ideal standard hardener for Glasurit undercoats is 929-55 HS Fast Hardener-Filler. This filler-hardener is particularly suitable for small repairs and at low temperatures. Glasurit 929-56 HS Hardener for putties, normal, ideal for use with Glasurit sanding fillers for larger parts and at higher temperatures. Both of these hardeners are compatible with Glasurit primers and in combination with them provide reliable spraying, fast-drying, reliable application, and good sanding properties in both wet and dry sanding.


  • Glasurit HS topcoat hardeners
  • To be mixed with Glasurit 22 Line topcoats and Glasurit 923- clears
  • 929-93 RATIO System
  • 929-91 quick panel repairs, low temperatures
  • 929-94 very large areas, high temperatures (> 30°C)
  • Glasurit HS filler hardeners
  • To be mixed with Glasurit 285- undercoat materials
  • 929-55 Glasurit HS Hardener, fast
  • 929-56 Glasurit HS Hardener, normal

       EfficiencyMade in Germany