Glasurit 929-56 HS Filler Hardener PPC

Glasurit 929-56 HS Filler Hardener

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Technical Information

Glasurit 929-56 HS Filler Hardener 

Twice as easy
Glasurit 929-56 HS putty hardener, normal, ideal for use with Glasurit non-sanding putties for larger parts and higher temperatures. Both of these hardeners are compatible with Glasurit primers and in combination with them provide reliable spraying, fast-drying, reliable application, and good sanding properties in both wet and dry sanding.


  • Glasurit HS topcoat hardeners
  • To be mixed with Glasurit 22 Line topcoats and Glasurit 923- clears
  • Glasurit HS filler hardeners to be mixed with Glasurit 285- undercoat materials
  • 929-56 Glasurit HS Hardener, normal

       EfficiencyMade in Germany