Novol Cobra Bedliner Black PPC

Novol Cobra Bedliner Black

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Technical Information

Novol Cobra Bedliner Black 

COBRA Truck Bedliner is a structural protective coating based on 2K polyurethane resin. Extreme mechanical strength, scratch, and solvent resistance. It protects against unfavorable weather conditions, gasoline, oil, water, and salt. Sound-proofing and sound-dampening properties. Anti-slip finish. Black as standard; available in a pigmented version to produce any color by adding 10-15% of an acrylic topcoat or basecoat. SPECTRAL 2K or SPECTRAL BASE is recommended.


COBRA Truck Bedliner guarantees:

  1. Superior protection
  2. Stain and scratch-resistant coating finish
  3. Durability in all weather conditions: water-resistant, extreme temperatures, UV radiation, and sea water
  4. ADD – SHAKE – SPRAY: fast and easy to apply
  5. Adjustable texture thickness
  6. Sound-proofing for improved driving comfort
  7. Compatibility with various substrates
  8. Impacting visual finish