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Technical Information


Polyester putty to spray on. Even when applied to a large surface, it produces a perfectly smooth surface. The minimum hardening time is approximately two hours (may be shortened by heat treatment at a maximum temperature of 60C). Fine sandpaper can be used for machine or hand sanding.

We bring the best car paint suppliers in UAE and recommend this product for the closing areas of unevenness, scratches, and marks on the car. It is ideal for filling or equalizing irregularities, as well as repairing scratches and scars with minimal time investment. To ensure an even coating, the spray filler protects against corrosion, adheres well, and provides a smooth substrate. It ensures a pore-free surface by equalizing and closing areas of unevenness, scratches, and marks on the car. The binding agent base is a Nitro combination resin. We recommend a spray coating for 2 cross-coats: 70-80 μm. 

The fillers and resin compounds used in these products are cutting-edge chemical engineering solutions that ensure the best finish when combined with the know-how of classic car restoration professionals.

Note that the Novol for Classic Car Spray Filler features the mixing indicator. NOVOL R&D Centre created this polymerization process indicator. The mixing indicator allows for a visual evaluation of the putty to hardener mixing ratio, ensuring that the putty layer is cured throughout its thickness.

Pay for quality with the best paint suppliers in UAE to avoid the high cost of mistakes.

Classic car restoration is a significant investment, and the Novol for Classic Car system prioritizes quality in all of its products and processes. Quality features include color-changing fillers that provide a visual quality check before proceeding to the next stage, aluminum particles in certain fillers for heat-sensitive areas, and Epoxy Primers with gloss finishes that highlight imperfections while reducing filler work. Pay for quality to avoid the high cost of mistakes.

The main properties of this product include:

  • A product designed and dedicated to the restoration of classic automobiles
  • It is possible to apply thick layers 
  • High yield 
  • Excellent concealment and flowability 
  • Contains a polymerization progress indicator and a mixture homogenization rate indicator
  • Excellent filling properties


  • Running is simple.
  • Solid matter in abundance
  • Very cost-effective
  • Quick tack-drying
  • Excellent drying properties
  • Free of heavy metals: no lead, cadmium, chrome

Drying Time

  • After 5-10 minutes, dust dry.
  • After 30-40 minutes, it is ready for use.
  • Drying time: approximately 24 hours

Can be painted over

  • With regard to itself: at any time
  • At any time, with any Auto-K lacquer

Paint structure

  • Anti-corrosion primer Auto-K
  • Top coat 
  • Auto-K filler spray

Note: Spraying on surfaces coated with synthetic resins is not recommended because the paint may lift.